How to Change Your PayPal Password

You no longer remember your password to access your PayPal account and you do not know how to recover it or at least reset it? Are you looking to strengthen your PayPal account password by changing it to a more complex password, but can’t find the right one to do it? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

The way of Changing Your PayPal Password

If you have forgotten the password required to log into your PayPal Account and therefore you want to reset it, connect to the home page of the site and click the Question mark present in the text box where you enter the password (top right). If you don’t see the login form, first click the Login button (top right) and then on the item paypal forgot password.

The possibility of the existence of such an interface is also based on the existence of technical conditions and interaction protocols. In practice, it is provided by the distribution of software into several interacting levels. If you want to change your password, follow the next steps:

  1. On the page that opens, enter your Email Direction. In the corresponding text box (this must be the same email address with which you registered with PayPal), copy the security code in the box below and click the Follow button.
  2. At this point, you must provide a verification method to prove that you are the owner of the account. So choose if you receive SMS, one to call or ‘Email’ and click on the Follow button to confirm the operation.
  3. In a few seconds, you will receive an SMS, email, or call with a code.

Simply select “Safe Mode” using the arrows and press the Enter key. As you can see in the image, there are two more options for booting the system in safe mode. They are no different from each other, except for what is directly written in the description. For example, “Safe mode with loading network drivers” will allow you to exit this mode to the Internet.

Check the Saved PayPal Password in Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox browser provides a function for saving logins and passwords, which is triggered automatically when filling out authorization forms on sites. All logins/passwords saved in this way can be viewed directly from the browser. There are also ways to view them without starting Mozilla by using special programs for exporting passwords.

You can get into the built-in database of the Mozilla Firefox browser, which stores logins and passwords, in two ways:

  • Call the main browser menu (the button in the upper right corner) and select the “Logins and passwords” item in it.
  • Copy/enter the service address about logins into the address bar of the browser and press the enter key.

If for some reason the launch of Mozilla Firefox is impossible (for example, due to the action of malware), then the logins and passwords stored in the browser can still be viewed. To do this, you can use the FF Password Explorer or PasswordFox utilities.

The performance of the entire computing system as a whole largely depends on the software of this level. So, for example, when connecting new equipment to a computer system, a program must be installed at the system level that provides interconnection for other programs with this equipment. Specific programs responsible for interacting with this equipment are called device drivers – they are part of the system-level software.